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Life at Living Forest 

 Friends of Living Forest

Johanna Harmala

+ Sally Nilsson

Johanna engages with Sally, owner of Tula Vida Equine Therapy, as to the special energies of the land Living Forest is on that Sally appreciates. The Lake Arenal area as well attracts people who appreciate this special energy, and there is a shared intention to use this energy that is so calm and grounding, for healing and transformation work.

How Living Forest Came to Be

and it's Spirituality 

with Johanna Harmala

Johanna speaks to Ammahnda Sia, a friend visiting, about finding the place 13 years ago while following her spiritual guidance. And the owner shares how she has grown while being on the land and supported by the nature.

 Friends of Living Forest 

Johanna Harmala

+ Jim - Yoga Student

Johanna speaks with Jim, a long time participant in weekly yoga classes and events. Jim shares his enjoyment of the land and appreciation for the wonderful things happening here.

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