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The Future of Living Forest

First Principle of the Business – Honor and Work with the Abundance of Nature Intelligence

The beauty and living intelligence of this property are its cornerstones. All potential owners will want to partner with nature here, as the current owner does. The eco-system on and around this property is rare and intact. Respect for nature coupled with holistic systems thinking provide income streams that work in concert with what is already here. The current building and human footprint have not created a degradation of the ecosystem. Wildlife— both flora and fauna— live in abundance here and reach out to include humans. There are underground aquifers  providing water in addition to the year-round Sabala River that give mineral rich water to the soil allowing many things to grow.


Opportunities for the Living Forest Brand

With nature as the context, there are multiple opportunities to expand the business growth on this intelligent property. The Living Forest brand is included with the property sale. A new owner can pick up the current business activities using the Living Forest brand and reputation, and keep the existing revenue stream intact. If more activity is desired, additional booking channels, agents, or print and digital marketing could all form part of a refined marketing strategy.


The current use of the property has been to host retreats, Airbnb rentals, volunteers, and weekly classes. There is opportunity to expand marketing to other platforms to increase overnight guests, increase retreat use and increase local classes. There is an opportunity to expand the spa facilities to include other services besides the sauna. Because of the easy location- local day use is easily possible. The location is minutes away from international hotels, so increased day use is easily possible.


The current owner will happily introduce the new owner to the local venues in the Arenal area that refer guests to the property. TicoWind and Tula Vida are two examples that refer their guests here. The Tula Vida Equine Therapy Center owners, Sally and Eric, have a synergistic value alignment with the current owner. They use nature intelligence to facilitate healing and growth in their clients. The horses tune into humans and help them learn about themselves in ways that our human minds can’t fully comprehend. Magic happens regularly as participants discover emotional or thinking patterns that may be blocking their own creativity or life force.

Build on the Site or Nearby

The site itself can accommodate another building with its own septic system should that be desired. Reputable local builders are familiar with the property and building costs are reasonable. There are also neighboring lots and buildings for sale that could be purchased for expansion should a larger business or home be desired.


There is an excellent opportunity to build a year-round food garden, to plant more fruit trees to support food production, and to cultivate exotic flowers, herbs and medicinal plants. In 2012, banana, plantain, mango, avocado, guanabana, lemon dulce, papaya, lemon, grapefruit and jackfruit trees were planted and have taken root.


New Brand Possibilities

Alternatively, a new owner can start fresh after being on the land and craft their own vision for the property. The property is ideal for  a community housing site. Buildings could be repurposed for healing spa use or art space. A local manager could be found to live on the property and keep retreats and classes going while new projects start. Many possibilities exist with this deeply grounding and easily accessible location.

The Details of Living Forest

Johanna Harmala

+ Mary Hostetter

In this video the owner Johanna talks with Mary Hostetter to discuss aspects of building and maintaining the property, how to work with the locals to keep the place running well, the safety of the property, and who are regular visitors to the property, and how the business income streams have afforded a basic profit and good lifestyle.

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